It is a 5-layer transparent plastic film with adhesive (cling) on one side manufactured by CAST method.

We have acquired the latest European technology in our machinery, which combined with certified Mexican labor and top-quality raw materials, we have developed the perfect formula.

It is a film that is designed to protect your merchandise from dust, dirt and weather conditions.  It can be applied in a wide variety of industrial goods to keep safe your goods and give stability during transportation.

It is a film designed to provide the best performance, since we use the best engineering and FDA approved resins, it can be manufactured in low thicknesses, and still we guarantee it does not break and you need less material.  We can offer a high puncture resistance and a uniform caliber.

Stretch RALI has the best quality-price ratio.  Our stretch offers up to 300% stretch which translates into cost saving, we can offer a high yield per roll.

It is a plastic 100% recyclable

Our processes are certified by Food Safety Management System ISO22000:2018 and Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015